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We are in the business of helping manufacturers & distributors operate more productively and profitably through the products and services we provide.

Are you a small company using a simple accounting package like QuickBooks or Peachtree?
Or are you a large organization that has spent a fortune on acquiring & implementing an ERP system with no results? Regardless of your size, Data inaccuracy and input errors can literally cripple an organization. On a day-to-day basis, Sales needs to know what’s available to promise, Manufacturing/Purchasing needs to know what due dates have been promised, and managers need to know if an order is profitable!

Organizations are going through a transformation in the way they perceive their information. Businesses are recognizing that to remain on the leading edge of their industries, information resources must be viewed as a corporate asset whose value to the company is equal to other balance sheet assets. This transformation is causing both a rethinking of traditional management roles and company philosophies regarding use of information technologies to gain the competitive edge for their firms.

Since 1978, QBC Systems, Inc. has addressed the information technology needs of businesses and has specialized in the implementation and support of Business Management Software solutions. QBC focuses our product and service offerings to meet the needs of the following industries:

Implementation Service resources include a wide range of highly skilled and experienced consultants. No matter what the challenge, QBC can provide the expert resources needed to meet your specific requirements.

¨ Workflow analysis

¨ Software utilization and optimization

¨ Accounting and financial reporting analysis

¨ Problem analysis and resolution

¨ Application software training on selected modules

¨ Manufacturing productivity analysis

¨ Project management and reporting

¨ Data transfer from legacy systems to new systems

¨ Mobile Application Development/Integration

¨ Bar coding needs analysis and recommendations

¨ Remote site training facility for customer use

Disaster Recovery:

¨ Development of disaster recovery plan

¨ Review of current procedures

All of the above experience facets are essential in QBC’s client support plans. The most important facets, manufacturing, distribution, and accounting experience, does not eliminate the need for the other functions discussed above. All are required in order for our clients to have Back Office Systems which are successful.

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