OptiPro ERP System Features and Capabilities

OptiPro ERP is a complete solution for discrete manufacturing, distribution and services industries that includes: bills of material, routings, work centers, tooling/fixtures, production planning and control, subcontract management, lot/batch/ serial number, quality assurance with test plans, inventory, advanced distribution and world-class accounting. Not all of the items listed are part of your OptiPro Implementation; however, as your business requirements expand other functionalities can be implemented.

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All financial and cost accounting transactions and reporting done in one convenient and accessible location in the cloud
The backbone of any manufacturing solution that enables a company to become more flexible, efficient and effective in their overall business
Ensure that the correct materials arrive at the correct work centers with the right tooling/fixtures/drawings/work instructions at the right time and resources are available
Whether at the item or routing level, OptiPro allows you the flexibility of using external resource to maximize your production throughput
Ensure that your products meet the quality standards your customers demand through our comprehensive QC and QA features including test plans and sub-test plans
Plan your forecast, sales orders and planned orders. Optimize your plan, optimize your customer experience. Flexible and powerful MRP
Control your entire production process while eliminating duplicate data entry and managing your true costs of production
Capture all of your costs in one convenient area. Easily apply costs to work orders, jobs, BOM'd, intermediates, and finished goods during production execution
Make informed decisions based on accessible business intelligence - view data and key performance indicators in real time
Ensure accuracy and gain visibility to real time and detailed inventory including lot/batch/serial number and multiple inventory strategies
Includes order entry and sales management, available to promise functionality, shipment control, order tracking, and customer invoicing
Enjoy features such as purchase quotations and requisitions, blanket orders, vendor purchase orders, receiving, and vendor account management
Keep track of incoming and outgoing payments, reconcile outstanding payments, and ensure your accounts are in order
Maintain service contract information and service call scheduling, billing, dashboards and reports
Using all the popular tablets and smartphones, access your business critical information anywhere, any time.
Fully connected in real time to your mobile device including access to full pre-configured to key performance indicators
Manage your warehouse activities more efficiently with handheld tools that allow free movement and constant system access
Customer Relationship Management for tracking of all sales activities is built into our system
Make use of Drag and Relate technology to quickly produce reports and access information to notify users of system events
Integrate your ecommerce store ( B2B or B2C) to synchronize customers, inventory, orders, payments, prices, returns
Automatically download purchase orders from your trading partners, send ASN's, 3PL warehousing, Allowances and more

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