OptiPro ERP Applications for Manufacturing, Distribution and Service Companies

OptiPro ERP helps discrete manufacturing, distribution and service oriented companies deploy and use the rich capabilities of this industry-proven OptiPro ERP with SAP Business One

Delivered via the AWS Cloud, OptiPro ERP is a complete solution that includes:

  • Bill of Material
  • Production, Lot, Batch and Serial Number Tracking
  • Subcontract and Subcontracting Management
  • Quality Assurance And Test Plans
  • Inventory Control
  • Compliance And World-Class Accounting And Reporting

Fast, accurate and available online, OptiPro turns the complexity of business solutions and decision making into simple routine. Reducing the clutter, automating the processes, identifying the value points, OptiPro makes accurate decisions and the complex simple.

OptiPro ERP with SAP Business One provides the most comprehensive solution available today. We are confident that as other requirements and goals emerge over the course of working with the OptiPro team you will gain an appreciation for how flexible and adaptable this solution is.

Implementing a total ERP solution is not a single task or event, it is a process that involves many key people and great planning. We are dedicated industry experts eager to service your needs and improve your overall business operations and profitability. No one has more experience or knowledge!

OptiPro ERP speeds your implementation with our proprietary RACE implementation technology, as ascertained during the Discovery sessions and defines your specific requirement configurations including chart of accounts, vendor groups, payment terms and much more.

Following your go-live with the OptiPro ERP implementation, when you are ready, our solution can expand by adding additional users, deploying advanced functionality or adding extended solutions following a phased approach to your expansion of the product.

Is Your ERP Software Outdated?

Having the right ERP system is critical to your business success. We invite you to come see how SAP Business One with OptiProERP system provides an intuitive and flexible tool set that can handle all the front and back-office operations of discrete, make to stock, make to order, configure to order, assemble to order, engineer to order and contract manufacturers.

Register below to see how by integrating and standardizing business processes across your entire enterprise, you can focus on making, selling and supporting your products instead of wasting time and money just trying to keep up.


QBC Delivers

  • A Complete Discrete Manufacturing and Distribution ERP Solution to meet your growth needs delivered via the cloud. Hosting is provided by Amazon Cloud Services and their world class program – a secure, high-availability technology platform. This world class offering is part of your OptiPro Express bundle
  • Business Process Improvements opportunities and Manufacturing efficiencies
  • High automation tools for increased efficiency and repeatability
  • Enhanced visibility to your core business information both accounting and manufacturing/distribution any time, any where
  • Rapid deployment and return on investment capability

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